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To be a resource for parents...
to give a foundation to children, so that they can learn!


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Copyright 2010 by Meadowbrook Academy for the Gifted and Learning Disabled - All Rights Reserved
Copyright 2010 by Meadowbrook Academy for the Gifted and Learning Disabled - All Rights Reserved
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           Welcome to Meadowbrook Academy!


The Cudmore Family started the Meadowbrook Academy for the Gifted and Learning Disabled, a nonprofit outreach program, as a help to families with children who had learning disabilities and behavior problems. Many of these families, for whom Meadowbrook Academy has been a resource, have, like the Cudmores, adopted children from the foster care system. The experiences of these children in foster care are sometimes as traumatic as those suffered by “children of war.”

In an attempt to correct some of the problems that can arise from post-traumatic stress and detachment disorders, as well as certain learning disabilities, ADHD, autism, and other behavioral problems that seem to plague many children, adopted or not, traumatized or not…

…the Meadowbrook Academy offers help in learning about and using several non-drug-based therapies.  Our mission is to give these children a foundation so that they can learn not only academic concepts, but life concepts as well. Once their learning conditions improve, they are led on a path to becoming successful students…and for some, gifted students.

These therapies can be accessed from Meadowbrook Academy directly, or from their sources:


The Meadowbrook Academy is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. We accept donations in order to give grants to families to help offset the costs of these programs, as well as investigations into various therapies that are effective, an alternative to drugs, and safe and sensible for all.